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Making your own Mickey Mouse ears is super fun. Ideal to do with children during holidays! I have developed a tutorial to make your own no sew Mickey Mouse ears. No sewing is required, no sewing machine and also not by hand. I have ensured that you have most materials or can buy them online. If something is not clear, you can email or contact me on Instagram.

No Sew Mickey Mouse Ears

What you need

This is what I used, I also indicate other options in the text itself. It is about using what you have or what you can easily get. The idea is that the ears are easy to make and cheap!

  • Regular piece of fabric for the ears – tip: use an old cotton sheet, an old t-shirt,….
  • Another piece of fabric for the bow – possibly some liner for reinforcement, I did not do that
  • Cardboard – I used the cardboard that contained milk cartons
  • Headband
  • Ribbon, piping, …
  • Glue Gun – or possibly another very good glue but such a piercing pin will not work
  •  Filling – for pillows, from an old pillow, old clothes in fine strips, cotton balls, toilet paper,…

Method for the Mickey ears

  1. Download the png document, you can print it out and get started, silhouette users can insert the png into the program and Cricut users can just look at this link.
  2. The rectangle is the fabric you need for the bow. The light colored ears are the size of the fabric and the dark ones are the size of the cardboard.
  3. Cut 4 ears out of fabric and 4 ears out of cardboard.
  4. Take 1 piece of cardboard, 1 piece of fabric and a little filling.
  5. Place the fabric on the table, put a small amount of filling on it and the cardboard on top.
  6. Apply glue to the top of the cardboard, pleating the fabric around it. Do this for the four ears.
  7. Take 2 ears and glue the cardboard together, do this twice. Now you have 2 ears ready.
  8. Take the piece of ribbon and glue it to the side of the ears so that you no longer see the seam of the two cardboard together. I had a special piece of rope and for my rope that step was easier before I glued the cardboard ears together, just look at the pictures / video to see what I mean.
  9. Take your headband and position the ears well, indicate with dashes where you want to stick them.
  10. Apply glue to the bottom of one ear and hold it well against the headband, repeat for the other ear.
  11. Now you can put a ribbon between the headband and the bottom of the ears to make the finish more beautiful.
  12. Cut the fabric for the ribbon, make a nice bow with your fingers. Between the folds of the bow that you place with your fingers on Zen, apply some glue so that the bow stays in place when you let go.
  13. Apply glue to the midi between the ears. Stick the bow on it.
  14. If necessary, finish with another ribbon or stripe of fabric to be glued around the bow and the headband. I also glued the top of the bow to the ears, so it always stays upright.
  15. Woehoe, you are done! Enjoy it, if you share a photo don’t forget to tag me !! Sharing this blog is always very nice.

Mickey Mouse oortjes maken zonder naaien

Video Tutorial

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No Sew Mickey Mouse Ears



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