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A Mickey Mouse handbag is the perfect accessory for a trip to Disneyland Paris, but also to brighten up your everyday outfit. This Mickey Mouse handbag is very easy to make. The handbag is large enough for your smartphone and a small wallet.

What you  need

Mickey Mouse Handtas zelf maken

Make your Shell handbag this way

  1. You need to print the file, then you can cut the materials by hand or insert the file in your silhouette program. I didn’t had any black fake leather so I used red instead, choose below the good files to start with:
    1. If you have red or anorther color as head-fabric:  You need to print these files and or the cricut files.
    2. If you have black head-fabric: Then you use these files for printing and here in Cricut..
  2. First you cut out the large red (mine is red) Mickey shape. I used fake leather. My faux leather was very limp and thin. Keep the fabric that is released from the slit where the zipper will be, you will need this in step 6.
  3. Then you cut the mickey shapes out of iron on interfacing. You can also iron interfacing on the stripe of the groove where the zipper comes in for more strength.
  4. Cut the other Mickey parts out of flex or flock foil and iron them on the top of each other on the red Mickey head.
  5. Then you can sew the zipper, the easy thing about fake leather and vinyl is that the edges do not need a border because that doesn’t need to be hemmed.
  6. Then you can cut the little piece of fabric left over from step 2 in half. Fold in half and pin between the 2 pieces, there you hang the purse chain on afterwards.
  7. Now you put everything together, do not forget to position the two loops for the bag purse in the right place. Secure everything with pins or sewing pegs. Now all you have to do is sew the bag around.
  8. Ready! Now hang the bag ribbon on the loops and you are ready to go.

Here you can see a little movie of my process. If you have any questions you an email or text me on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag me if you make your own version! You can read this blog for more photo’s and inspiration:  Make your own shell handbag!

@curses_and_kissesMade an Mickey Mouse handbag. Perfect for an Disney Style.♬ Mickey Mouse Mash-Up – Hal Leonard

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