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I write this article entirely from our own experiences. Autisme and adhd at Disneyland Paris is for everyone a different experience. It is very important to look at your own situation, everyone is different and every day at Disneyland Paris itself is also different.

Request a card for autism and ADHD at Disneyland Paris

If you visit Disneyland Paris with a disability, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), you can request a special disability card – it’s a green one – at the entrance of the park. This card ensures that you can enter attractions at the special disability entrance or via the exit. Basically drastically reducing your wait time.

To be entitled to such a card you must have writter proof from the doctor in French or English or a EU Disability Card. We brought proof for one child and the EU Disability Card for the other and that worked without problems. We received a green card for the two children for the duration of our stay, in our case for one day.

More information about the application can be found at  Disneyland Paris.

Autism and ADHD at Disneyland Paris


Autism and ADHD at Disneyland Paris

We have five children, some with autism and one with ADHD. We have applied for a disabled card for two children, the Disneyland Paris green card. This is because our family has seven members and we have enough with two green cards to be able to use the disabled entrance with our entire family. The person accompanying the people with such a green card may enter the park for free.

The disabled entrance at attractions

Usually it is nicely indicated where the disabled entrance is in Disneyland Paris, if you miss it or if it’s not clear there are always cast members nearby to ask for more information. You can ask them your questions in French or English, and occasionally in Dutch.

That way you’ll have to wait way less to be allowed on the attraction, which is especially nice with one of my children, because waiting in a row for a long time is a real disaster for (and with) him.

The queue for disabled persons at shows

We really wanted to see the Frozen Musical Celebration with the kids, because they are quite the Elsa fan-girls. Unfortunately it was also about an hour for people with a green card (disabled card). There was a bench provided to sit on but for our son that is really too long. So we had to skip this show. In the studios we saw another show “Mickey and the Magician”, there it was still about half an hour of waiting and that doable. Narrowly, but doable.

That show was in a very large auditorium where a lot of people could enter. The waiting was just outside, in a closed-off section reserved for people with a disabled card. The places for people with a disability were at the very front, so that was a nice break. We had very good sets, with an amazing line of sight to the stage. The line for the disabled took up the entire width of the room, so there were also some lesser places on the side.


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Meet Disney characters

If you want to meet a princess in the princess pavilion then you must stand there as early as possible in the morning to receive a time slot.

At Mickey you can just enter the disabled entrance without an appointment.

Then there are meetings in the Disneyland park itself, where you can show the green card to the cast member and you normally get an specific hour at which you can come back without waiting time.

To meet characters in the Walt Disney Studios, you must use the app LineBerty (Android | iOS).

Special places at the parades

There are also special places for the disabled during the parade. There are several, so you better ask a cast member! We have not yet made use of it ourselves. Also for the illumination there is a designated place for the castle but we have not made use of that either.

One more tip for autisme and adhd at disneyland paris

I would certainly also recommend taking headphones with noise-cancelling or earplugs!

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